The inspiration for the fall-winter collection comes from The YOTA SPACE FESTIVAL, taken place in St. Petersburg, Russia for the past three years.

This experiential exhibition and offers various digital presentations of different artists with a futuristic outlook using lights and panoramic videos to create illusions of space and fantasy. The location of the exhibition intrigued the art critics. The contrast between St. Petersburg, a classic Baroque city to the digial post modern Festival created an image of a futuristic spaceship landing in the middle of a classic 19th century kingdom.

Therefore this contrast is expressed by the combination of obvious Baroque elements with digital features Capitonage technique, the velvet fabric and the Baroque dramatic colors are filtered to create a digital look.

The technique of laser cutting has evolved and now used to make initial cuts in the fabri, to enable satin ribbons to be hand-threaded inside. This creates a rich textile appearance in two and three-dimension combining matte and shine elements.